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Gram’s BBQ is the perfect catering option for your next event. Our professional staff will help you plan and execute a delicious and authentic Southern smoked BBQ meal that your guests will love. Let us take the hassle out of planning your next event and impress your guests with some delicious BBQ!

Personalized Catering Services

Full Service

Fully trained, professional staff, attractively decorated buffet tables, service equipment, high quality disposable tableware, food table coverings, chafers and serving utensils.

Service is 20% of food and beverage total.

If guest table service is required, extra labor will be charged at a rate of $30 per hour.

Premium Cutlery Available: Plastic plates, utensils wrapped in paper linen napkins $4.99 each.


Delivered hot or cold we’ll set up food selection for serving additional charges apply

Minimum  $400 Order For Catering Deliveries

Includes, plates, napkins & utensils. 

Wire chafing rack, fuel & serving utensils $27.00 each.

Pick Up

Food can be picked up piping hot or ice cold in disposable high quality standard size aluminum containers. Heating instructions will be provided, if needed.

Includes plates, napkins & utensils. 

Wire chafing rack, fuel & serving utensils $27.00 each.

Gram’s Southern BBQ Catering Menu

BBQ Catering NO. 1

BBQ Pulled Pork

With California Cold Slaw, BBQ Baked Beans & Slider Buns.

$15.99 per person

(No substitutes)

BBQ Catering NO. 2

Pick 2-Meats:

Smoked Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs
BBQ Pulled Pork
Wood Grilled Bbq Chicken
Louisiana Hot Links

Choice of Any 2 of

Gram’s Slammin’ Sides

Listed Below

$25.00 per person

BBQ Catering NO. 3

Pick 3-Meats:

Savory Beef Brisket
Smoked Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs
BBQ Pulled Pork
Wood Grilled Bbq Chicken

Choice Of Any 3 of

Gram’s Slammin’ Sides

Listed Below

$35.00 per person

Gram’s Slammin’ Sides

 Gram’s Slammin’ Sides

California Coleslaw
BBQ Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Macaroni & Cheese
Collard Greens
Granny’s Grits
Garden Grilled Vegetables
(Zucchini, squash & red bell pepper)
(+ $1.50 per person)

Sweet Tooth Candied Yams
Farm Fresh Salad
(Baby greens, cucumber, tomato, ranch & balsamic dressing)
(+ $4.00 per person)

Full Sheet $95.00 (Feed 55)
Half Sheet $55.00 (Feed 20)

Gram’s Extras & Options


Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins

$1.65 each

Dinner Rolls or Sliders

$1.45 each


Garden Herb, Vegetable Creole

Squash, Zucchini & Mushroom with Rice (brown or white)

$15.00 per person

Veggie Patties

With buns, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion

$7.75 per person


Peach Cobbler

Bread Pudding

Banana Pudding

(Single-serve 6oz. cups)


Red Kool-Aid
Sweet Tea
Unsweetened Tea
Canned Soda
Bottled Water

$2.50 per person or $20.00 per gallon

BBQ Catering Events & Photos

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Catering F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I order?


Brisket, Pulled Pork, Rib Tips: 1/4 – 1/2LB per person.

Chicken: 1 Whole Chicken = 5 Servings

Pork Ribs: 1 Rack = 12 Bones / 6 Servings

Beef Ribs: 1 Rack = 8 Bones / 3-4 Servings

Hot Link: 1 Link / 1-2 Servings


Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Collard Greens, Candied Yams, Potato Salad, Coleslaw:

1 Half Pan / 25-30 Servings

1 Full Pan / 60 Servings

Is there a Catering order minimum?

There is a $400.00 minimum for Catering order.
Smaller order can be place as takeout/delivery
See catering menu.

How much notice do you required for a Catering order?

Good things take time! We require at least 48 hours for catering orders of 50 guest or less. All our meat is seasoned with our custom dry rubs & smoked low & slow.

How will my order be packageD?

Your food will be ready to serve upon pick up / delivery. Most items are packaged in standard full or half-size aluminum pans. Condiments and smaller amounts of sides come in a quart size container or smaller.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the fastest way to get in touch: Gramscateringbbq@gmailcom

We can also be reached by phone at 951-347-4676. We try our best to get back to our customers within the business day.

I live 20+ miles away, can I get delivery?

For distances greater than 19 miles, please contact us at

Is gratuity automatically included?

There is a 10% automatic gratuity included for our staff­. This is much appreciated and can be adjusted at your discretion.

How Many Chafers do I need?

One chafer kit includes:

1 Chafer, 1 full-size pan, and 2 half pans, sternos, disposable serving utensils, and a set-up guide.

1 half pan fits approximately:

– 6lbs Brisket/Pulled Pork/Rib Tips

– 2.5 Chickens

– 2.5 Racks Pork Ribs

– 1 Racks Beef Ribs

– 15-20 Hot Links

Other Items that require a chafer:

– Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Collard Greens, Candied Yams,

Instructions for disposable buffet set-up

Each chafer holds 1 full-size pan and 2 half-size pan inserts.

Remove any plastic wrap from the pans before putting them in the chafers.

  1. Place one (empty) full-size pan in each chafer.
  2. Fill each full-size pan with 1 inch of water.
  3. Open the sternos (use a flat tool like a spoon or screwdriver to pop o­ the lids).

– If you have a stick lighter, place two sternos under each chafer and light.

– If you have a regular lighter, wear an oven mitt or rag to protect your hands, hold the sternos and light, and place

under chafers.

  1. Place two half pans of food in each chafer. They will reach full heat in about 15-20mins.
  2. Dig into your tasty BBQ bu­ffet!

If there are fewer pans of food than needed to completely fill the chafers, place an empty half pan in the chafer to cover the water.

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