From Pitmaster to Woman of the Year: Benita’s Big Win

From Pitmaster to Woman of the Year: Benita’s Big Win

Hey y’all,

It’s Benita here from Gram’s BBQ. Guess what? I’ve got some pretty awesome news to share with you all! On November 7th, I was super honored to receive the Woman of the Year award from our very own Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce. Can you believe it? This little BBQ joint and its crew making waves!

woman of the year award

First off, a huge shout out to the Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce. You guys rock for recognizing not just me, but the spirit of what we do here at Gram’s BBQ. We’re all about good food, great times, and a dash of Riverside charm, and it seems like you folks love that mix as much as we do.

Now, let’s talk about the real heroes – my fantastic Gram’s BBQ team. You know who you are! They are the magic behind those smoky flavors and hearty laughs we share every day. Without your hard work, dedication, and occasional burnt briskets (you know I’m just teasing!), we wouldn’t be where we are today.

And to our amazing customers – you’re the heart of Gram’s BBQ. Whether you’re here for our famous ribs or just dropping by to say hi, your support means the world to us. Every one of you is part of this big, fun, BBQ-loving family we’ve built here on Main Street.

So, what’s next for us? Well, more of the same goodness, of course! Great BBQ, belly laughs, and maybe a few surprises along the way. Come on down to Gram’s BBQ, where the pit is always hot, and the company’s always warm. Let’s celebrate this together – with a plate of your favorite BBQ, on the house!

Here’s to more smoky adventures and shared moments at Gram’s BBQ.

Catch you at the pit,


Benita Bratton

Chief BBQ Officer, Gram’s BBQ 🍖🎉💕

Welcome to Gram’s BBQ Clover Rewards!

Welcome to Gram’s BBQ Clover Rewards!

Hey y’all, it’s your friends from Gram’s BBQ here, 

Ready to get rewarded every time you indulge in your favorite smoky, savory, Southern-style BBQ delights? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing Gram’s BBQ Clover Rewards – our way of saying ‘Thanks y’all’ for being our awesome customer! 

Here’s How It Works:


  • Earn While You Feast: For every dollar you spend on our lip-smackin’ BBQ, you earn ONE point! That’s right, dig into our succulent ribs, savor our tender brisket, or indulge in a pulled pork sandwich, and watch your points (and savings!) soar. Graphic: $1 = 1 point)
  • Savings, Straight Up: Rack up 100 points, and BAM! You get a tasty $10 off your next order. It’s like we’re paying you to eat BBQ. How cool is that?
  • Check-in with Clover: All set to order? Hold your horses! Make sure you check in on the Clover app before you place your order. Just a few taps and you’re all set to accumulate those points.
  • Easy-Peasy: No cards, no fuss, no muss. Just the Clover app and your appetite for some darn good BBQ. It’s that simple!
2023-7-Grams Clover Rewards-Poster

Why Wait? Get Started Now!

Ready to join the BBQ party? Here’s how you can get in on this smokin’ deal:

  • Download the Clover App: It’s free and super easy to use! Available on both the App Store and Google Play.
  • Sign Up for Gram’s BBQ Clover Rewards: Enroll right from your smartphone or the next time you’re at our joint. Our friendly staff is here to help you get started!
  • Start Earning Points: With every delectable bite, you’re not just satisfying your BBQ cravings; you’re earning points towards mouth-watering rewards!
  • Redeem Your Rewards: Got enough points? Redeem them for some delicious discounts and make your BBQ experience even sweeter!

Join the Gram’s BBQ Family!

At Gram’s, you’re not just a customer; you’re family! And family deserves the best – the best BBQ, the best times, and the best rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of Gram’s BBQ Clover Rewards today and let the good times roll!

See y’all soon at Gram’s BBQ!

Celebrating Our Very Own Benita Bratton: A Nominee for the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award!

Celebrating Our Very Own Benita Bratton: A Nominee for the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award!

Hello, dear friends and patrons of Gram’s BBQ,

Today, we bring you some heartwarming news from our very own BBQ haven, a place crafted with love, tradition, and of course, the rich, smoky flavors of the South. Our beloved Benita Bratton, a Gram’s BBQ family pillar, has been nominated for the prestigious Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award!

A Nod to Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award, presented by the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at California State University San Bernardino, is more than just an accolade. It recognizes the fiery spirit, innovation, and risk-taking of entrepreneurs who significantly contribute to our local economy and community. And who better represents that spirit than Benita, who has always ensured that Gram’s BBQ is not just a restaurant but a gathering place where traditions are honored, and every guest is family.

Benita’s Journey: A Tale of Flavor and Tenacity

Benita has always been the heartbeat of Gram’s BBQ, ensuring that every dish that comes out of our kitchen is a mirror reflecting our rich family recipes and the soulful culinary traditions of the South. Her journey, imbued with the essence of genuine BBQ and a commitment to our community, has now been recognized as she sails through the first round of judging for the award.

Rooting for Our BBQ Maestro

We’re not just colleagues; we’re family and family roots for each other. We’re incredibly proud of Benita and everything she brings to Gram’s BBQ – from her culinary expertise to her warm, welcoming spirit that defines our restaurant. Her nomination is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and the joyful experiences she has provided to every guest who has walked through our doors.

Stay Tuned for the Updates!

We’re on the edge of our BBQ seats, eagerly awaiting the next stages of the award process, and we promise to keep you, our extended Gram’s family, updated on all the happenings. Benita’s nomination is a personal achievement and a collective celebration for all of us who cherish the community and camaraderie we’ve built here at Gram’s BBQ.

Join Us in Celebrating Benita


Join Us in Celebrating Benita

We invite you to join us in cheering for Benita on this exciting journey. Your smiles, your stories, and your continued love for our BBQ have been a vital part of our journey, and we’re thrilled to share this moment with you.

Here’s to Benita, our culinary maestro, and the entire Gram’s BBQ family. May our tables always be filled with delicious BBQ, joyous laughter, and stories that linger as warmly as our smoky, savory flavors.


With heartfelt thanks and BBQ love,

The Gram’s BBQ Team

Pork Rib Tips Extravaganza: Gettin’ Down and Dirty at Gram’s BBQ in Riverside, CA!

Pork Rib Tips Extravaganza: Gettin’ Down and Dirty at Gram’s BBQ in Riverside, CA!

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause I’m about to drop some smokin’ hot news on ya! If you thought Gram’s BBQ was just about beef, think again. We’re talkin’ Pork Rib Tips – the unsung heroes of the BBQ world. And lemme tell ya, Gram’s BBQ in Riverside, CA, is servin’ up these bad boys like no other. 🍖💥

🚀 Blast Off to Flavor Town 🚀

Picture this: juicy, tender pieces of pork, seasoned with a secret blend of spices, and smoked to perfection. Now, imagine takin’ a bite and blastin’ off to flavor town. That’s what Gram’s BBQ’s Pork Rib Tips are all about. These little nuggets of joy are packed with so much flavor, you’ll be lickin’ your fingers and askin’ for more.

🍯 Saucy Goodness 🍯

And let’s not forget about the sauce! Drench those rib tips in Gram’s Mild BBQ Sauce for a sweet and smoky ride, or if you like to live on the edge, go for Gram’s Spicy BBQ Sauce. It’s like a party in your mouth, and the rib tips are the guests of honor!

🍻 Perfect for Sharing (or Not) 🍻

Headin’ to Gram’s BBQ with friends? The Pork Rib Tips are perfect for sharin’… if you’re willin’ to part with ’em, that is. Grab a cold one, pass around the rib tips, and let the good times roll. Or, keep ’em all to yourself – we won’t judge!

🌟 Star of the Show 🌟

The Pork Rib Tips at Gram’s BBQ ain’t just a side dish, they’re the star of the show. With their finger-lickin’ goodness and smoky flavor, they’re takin’ Riverside by storm. Don’t miss out on this BBQ sensation!

🏁 Ready, Set, Go! 🏁

So, what are you waitin’ for? Put on your eatin’ pants and make a beeline for Gram’s BBQ at 3527 Main Street, Riverside, CA. WE’re near the Riverside Convention Center. The Pork Rib Tips are callin’ your name, and trust me, you don’t wanna keep ’em waitin’. See y’all there! 🎉🍖🚀

Get Your Taste Buds Ready: The 10-Hour Smoked Beef Brisket at Gram’s BBQ

Get Your Taste Buds Ready: The 10-Hour Smoked Beef Brisket at Gram’s BBQ

Howdy, BBQ lovers! If you haven’t tried the Beef Brisket at Gram’s BBQ, you’re missin’ out on a slice of heaven. Seriously, this ain’t your average brisket. We’re talkin’ about a melt-in-your-mouth, smoky, tender piece of beef that’s been kissed by the BBQ gods themselves. And guess what? It’s smoked for a whopping 10 hours! 🕙

🌪️ A Flavor Tornado 🌪️

Imagine this: a piece of beef so tender that it practically falls apart in your mouth. Now, add in the smoky flavor that only comes from hours upon hours of slow cookin’ over a blend of hardwoods and fruitwoods. It’s like a flavor tornado in your mouth, and it’s takin’ you on a trip down to the heart of the South.

🍯 The Secret Sauce 🍯

But wait, there’s more! What’s a brisket without some sauce? At Gram’s BBQ, they’ve got their signature sauces that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. Whether you like it sweet and smoky or with a kick that’ll knock your boots off, they’ve got you covered. Slather that brisket with Gram’s Mild BBQ Sauce or, if you’re feelin’ adventurous, go for the Spicy BBQ Sauce. Yeehaw!

🍽️ The Perfect Pair 🍽️

Now, let’s not forget about the sides. Gram’s BBQ knows that a good brisket needs some good company. Pair that smoky brisket with some creamy Mac and Cheese, or maybe some sweet and tangy baked beans. And don’t even get me started on the cornbread – it’s the ultimate BBQ sidekick.

🎉 Bring the Party to Your Mouth 🎉

So, what are you waitin’ for? Get on down to Gram’s BBQ at 3527 Main Street, Riverside, CA, and treat yourself to the best dang Beef Brisket you’ll ever have. Whether it’s a weekday dinner or a weekend feast, that 10-hour smoked brisket is always ready to bring the party to your mouth.

Trust me, once you’ve had a taste, you’ll be plannin’ your next visit before you’ve even left the table. See y’all at Gram’s BBQ! 🤠🔥